Installing Tested Firestop Systems
Throughout the Southeast.

Specializing In:

    • Turnkey Firestop Solutions


    • Freeze Protection Heat Tracing


    • Temperature Maintenance Heat Tracing


    • Installation and Coatings


    • Smoke and Sound Sealing

In the built environment, firestop systems are a critical safeguard against the spread of heat, fire or smoke through breaches in floors and walls. These breaches made during construction allow construction of joints, openings or penetrations through a fire-resistance-rated wall or floor. The expertise of a qualified firestop contractor is needed to select and install a firestop system to protect the breaches made for penetrations and joints of fire-resistance-rated wall and horizontal assemblies.  Learn more about the UL Firestop Contractor Program.


Georgia Firestop, Inc. specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of firestop systems in both new and existing facilities. We are an accredited specialty firestop contractor and a member of Firestop Contractors International Association. We are trained and certified by all major firestop manufacturers giving us the knowledge to provide and install the most cost efficient solution to any firestop needs.

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