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With approximately 2000 successfully completed Firestop Projects since its inception in 1999, Georgia Firestop, Inc. has earned the reputation as the leading Firestop Contractor in the state of Georgia. This reputation is affirmed by the level of repeat customers that continue to make Georgia Firestop, Inc. the solution to there firestop needs. Our customers require a full range of Firestopping applications including the installation of through penetration protection, head of wall, bottom of wall, and curtain wall joints, as well as construction and expansion joint applications. Additional services that our firm offers to our customers are heat tracing, both freeze protection and temperature maintenance, along with various forms of architectural caulking.

Georgia Firestop, Inc. is a family organization priding ourselves on Integrity, Quality, and Safety. Our firm’s integrity was built and subsequently maintained by completing project after project on time and under budget. We have a quality and dedicated office and field staff that understand the importance of meeting deadlines, proper installation, efficiency, as well as safety. G.F.I. takes safety extremely serious. Our Workers Compensation Experience Rating is at industry lows affirming that our dedication to making sure each employee returns home safely to their family is working.

UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program

In the built environment, firestop systems are a critical safeguard against the spread of heat, fire or smoke through breaches in floors and walls. These breaches made during construction allow construction of joints, openings or penetrations through a fire-resistance-rated wall or floor. The expertise of a qualified firestop contractor is needed to select and install a firestop system to protect the breaches made for penetrations and joints of fire-resistance-rated wall and horizontal assemblies.

UL provides two programs for qualified contractor recognition in the North American market:

  • UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program, for systems installed in accordance with U.S. requirements
  • ULC Qualified Firestop Contractor Program, for systems installed in accordance with Canadian requirements
    As essential service providers to the building industry, qualified firestop contractors select and install classified firestop systems for residential, institutional, commercial and industrial structures. This process requires careful evaluation and analysis to establish a protective system within a structure to comply with construction documents.

UL’s Qualified Firestop Contractor Programs include two critical elements required of all participating contract firms:

  • Contractor firms must appoint and employ at least one designated responsible individual (DRI) with firestop system expertise and experience demonstrated by successfully completing a UL firestop exam and meeting additional requirements.
  • Contractor firms must effectively implement and maintain a management system focused on selection and installation of firestop systems as demonstrated by an audit at the contractor’s facility and jobsite.

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